Well it's been awhile since our last update. This year has passed in a blink of an eye....we have had a wedding and concert at our farm, so really haven't had much time for farming...but it is time to get back to it. The spring calving has gone extremely well, very little issues. Bull sales have gone well, even though we have not done a lot with advertising or shows. I am a lot slower with age and arthritis, but am too excited about upcoming calf crops to pack it in...just yet. The thickness and easy fleshing of our herd is really coming through, something I have strived for. Feet issues don't arise much, the herd is quite easy going, although we are spending less and less time with them...calving in a large area, swath and bale grazing...they just don't spend much time around the yard.

This year we are offering 2 EV Thick Bugger 30Z offspring at the Wish List Sale, Dec 3 at the Westerner Park in Red Deer. Both these animals are hard to let go....but we want to exhibit some of our best. Both are moderate, easy fleshing, dark red and I have no concerns about them being real producers.

We do offer coming 2's in our bull pen as we sell the majority by private treaty. Heifers are available at times. Should you like to stop by for just a visit or viewing, please give Larry a shout and we will set something up.


Home of some "Dam Good" cows.


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